We are a member of Kuvoninga® Group of Companies, a pioneers of suburbs and township property development, Kuvoninga Project CC (KPCC) is a progressive company which has been building its impressive portfolio since 2014. KPCC ‘s core business is in plumbing, electrical, Cleaning and painting. The company has primarily targeted home owners and companies in the suburbs and township areas. Our success is attributed to the boundless commitment of our professional team, that is equipped with elite skills to provide expert service to our diverse stakeholders.

Company Values are guiding principles that dictate the behaviour and action of management, they create an unwavering and unchanging guide for management and staff alike.

Quality Service:
Kuvoninga Projects cc aim to provide quality service by incorporating quality products, experienced staff, legislative governance, keeping up to date by offering guaranteed workmanship.

Management and staff are proud of the being honest about every service we provide i.e. transparent costing on quotes and invoices (no hidden costs), we deliver on promises / commitments made, honest advice based on decades of experience.